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Rescue Team Properties® Official Brand Provides Aspiring Real Estate Investors with a branded business system and real estate investing business incubation.  Invest in Real Estate and learn how to operate a virtually turnkey real estate investing business in your city while being incubated by team of Rescue Team Properties®

We Create Real Estate Investors

Rescue Team Properties® Brand Users Experience a comprehensive home-based virtually turnkey real estate investing business where the Brand Users implement up to 30 different real estate investing strategies in their prospective markets. 


We have proven that guru-styled training seminars often times result with a 95% fail rate among aspiring real estate investors. Why? Guru-advertising brings individuals into a seminar style process and only those with significant capital and credit will advance to a comprehensive training program with mentorship. Majority however, are unable to advance due to limited capital resources and therefore they usually get stuck in the world of wholesaling real estate. Most of these individuals have a strong work ethic, ability, passion, and drive to transition from their current careers to being a full-time real estate investor, however most lack the fundamental knowledge and know-how to create real estate investing business from scratch.

In America, there are approximately 79 million people that are looking to venture into a solo-gig styled business that would give them a life and work balance lifestyle business. For one to start a solo-gig styled home-based business from scratch and achieve a lifestyle business on some level usually will take between three to five years. 

We have an 85% success rate and 75% retention rate among our branded users because we use the latest technology and ISD plus delivery of education with our partner and every brand user receives a virtually turnkey business system powered by Rescue Team Properties®.  We take everyday individuals who have limited capital resources or those who have capital resources but do not wish to risk any of those capital resources and show them step by step how to run a home-based real estate investing business in their city using strategies learned at the ReiEdu2go training courses and implemented with Rescue Team Properties® 

 This way brand users can now focus on learning the fundamentals and strategies, be guided on how to use the business system to achieve their goals.

How to Invest

We have partnered with ReiEdu2go™ to deliver the real estate investing education and when a brand user enrolls into the 4 levels of training systems a Rescue Team Properties® Brand User Business System is immediately deployed to the students city within 24 hours. 

How It Works

Most training programs come standard with the Rescue Team Properties® virtually turnkey home-based business platform. 



Our Services

Virtually Turnkey Business Platform

Learn how to run your own Rescue Team Properties® Real Estate Investing Business Platform.  Receive up to 30+ real estate investment strategies and mentorship with Rescue Team Properties® Brand User Experience!


Customized Plan of Action

Simply select the X package that works best for you and within a short period of time you will be learning how to run your own Rescue Team Properties® Business System in your market. 


5 Year Mentorship Plan (Incl.)

Typical, new business may require between 3-5 years to become fully operational. With the RTP business experience you get a semi-custom blueprint, mentorship for every stage of the business. 


Property Management Guide

Whether you want own one rental property to hundreds we got you covered. We teach you how to self-manage or manage property managers so that you can scale your business as you grow. 


REI Portfolio Management

Understanding how to operate a real estate investing business is key to scaling. As such, we teach you how to balance between short term “quick cash profits” and long term positioning. 

Brand User Experience

Risk Management

Reduce risk by working with a team of seasoned real estate investing pro-mentors. By having a board advisory team on your side-we show you how to grow your business and reduce risk. 


Mergers & Acquisitions

Perhaps at some point you would like to scale, bring on investors, and acquire commercial projects. We can guide you through mergers and acquisitions as a real estate investor. 


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