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Select the Business Brand User Experience Level ranging from our most comprehensive system known as X1, our top-of-line branded system package which includes 30 real estate investing strategies. We have a business brand user experience level for everyone ranging from an entry-level “Quick Flips” known as X4 up to X1.  Doesn’t matter where you choose to start, you can upgrade at anytime and receive credit towards the upgrade. 


Deploy a Rescue Team Properties® Business System For Your Benefit

Most brand users in less than a few weeks are fully operational in one key real estate investing starting strategy and completing deals using their virtually turnkey real estate investing business platform provided by Rescue Team Properties®.  Each brand user is assigned a pro mentor and community coaches to assist with the brand users implementation of the educational courses. As the brand users grasps one strategy, the mentor assists them with growing the business by applying all strategies available within the business system level. Brand users may upgrade at anytime. 






Being a brand user with Rescue Team Properties® is where we mentor you and incubate you on how to grow your real estate investing home-based business to the level that you desire in your prospective market. 

How it Works

Our Approach

Learn why aspiring real estate investors are teaming up with Rescue Team Properties® Brand User Experience, here are just some of the benefits:

Community support

Community Partnership

Leveraging technology we have an online real estate investing brand user experience private facebook group and we have a live, in-person training sessions in conjunction with our partner ReiEdu2go which delivers a live course training leveraging 

Network hedge funds

Investor Relation

Rescue Team Properties® Official Brand has an extensive network of cash buyers and hedge funds that are seeking to acquire real estate investing deals from our brand users. This gives our brand users a competitive edge and allows for them to acquire deeply discounted properties and assign the contracts to our cash buyer and hedge fund network buyers for a significant, quick profit.  You buy the property and have the option to assign the contract for a quick profit sale or leverage our private money lender extended network to buy, improve, and resell the property for business profits. 


Crowd Based Funds

Our network expands to allow brand users short term and long term based asset funding solutions for their deals built within our real estate investing software system.


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